Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Queer Xmas part 2

Queer Xmas culminated in the final last ever Bad Rep dance party and boy was it an emotional rollercoaster! Unfortunately the super awesome Zomboy couldn't be with us and we were mega sad that we would be celebrating everything awesome about the last 18 months without our core member and co-founder. But he was with us in spirit. He was definitely with me in spirit when I was puking up my irn bru later on.

So we decided to make the final Bad Rep free to our attendees as a thank you. Also it meant that none of us had to be on door duty and we could dance with you all for one last time. And boy those free Bad Rep zines and mix cds went super quick! If you missed out on these then check out this post to see the online version of the zine.

Bad Reppers came out in force and danced super hard!

Our Bad Rep regulars were there!

You guys were amazing

And here's my most favourite part of the night. The last song I played was Bad Reputation by Joan Jett (obvs) and when the song ended the three remaining Bad Rep djs had a bit of emotional hug. Extra sad that Nick couldn't be with us for this. Imagine his sweaty drunk head in that gap next to Monx and Froogs there.

The hug continues while Bad Reppers give themselves a well deserved round of applause. Always looking for group hug opportunities I yelled 'EVERYBODY GROUP HUG!'...

 And we all hugged. That's the ENTIRE DANCEFLOOR having a cuddle. Can you feel the love?


So many feelings

Yet more feelings

Sexy feelings

Some hardcore Bad Reppers had even travelled down from Manchester to come dance with us one final time. Here is one of them stealing the amazing Bad Rep posters made by Monx.

At the end of the night and don't we look pretty? The man in the middle is the amazing Garry who runs Resistance Gallery and who asked us to hold Bad Rep at his wonderful venue in the summer of 2011. He has supported us and believed in us and our dancefloor of queer misfits and we couldn't have done this without him. We love you Garry.

Now that Bad Rep is over what do we do now? Well I'm gonna keep this blog open to promote some of the awesome things we do as individuals and also to promote future things we do as a collective cuz you aint seen the last of us yet. There will be no more dance parties that's true, but we are a group of awesome people: we make films, we make music, we dj, we make zines, we make art, we throw parties, and we dance. 

Coming up the new year Bad Rep djs will be playing  riot grrrl records at the amazing Bloody Ice Cream and Zomboy and Supercasio will be playing records at the inaugral queer music night here There will be plenty more to look forward to in 2013 and we will keep you updated on our super fun projects here.

Thank you to everyone that came and danced with us in the last 18 months. I know it's just a disco but you have all contributed to creating a super fun queer trans party and we love you so hard. 

Casio+ Froogs+Monx+Zomboy

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